What Do Anal Beads Feel Like?

Anal beads are very popular sex toys, chosen by millions of users across the globe. Some might find it a bit weird that both men and women love to try anal beads for anal stimulation. Men like this penetration because their prostate gland simulates. As many male users have stated, it feels pretty amazing. Many sex toy manufacturers have admitted that about 40% of men have experienced much better penile organism after using anal beads. So, if you ask an experienced man what do anal beads feel like, they will say amazing. 

Things are a bit different for women because there is no prostate gland to poke. Although some may say it does not make sense, women love using anal beads. Anal sex is a preferred erotic act for many women and therefore they choose to use anal beads and butt plugs. 

According to sex educators, vagina and anus share the same wall and anal beads simulate the nerves within the wall. This action eventually encourages pelvic floor muscle contractions. It feels equally exciting as the orgasm and that’s why women love it. People willing to try anal beads a lot of questions about what do anal beads feel like on various forums. So, here is what you need to know about anal beads. 

Feeling when you insert it:

If you are someone who fears to insert anything in your rectum, anal beads are going to change that feeling. In fact, the first phase is the only intimidating phase which is insertion and after that, it becomes a very pleasing experience. The very first thing you will feel after inserting the first bead in your anus is the coldness of lube (you must apply some lube to put that bead comfortably otherwise it may not slip easily in your anus). 

When you will slowly push the first bead into your rectum, it will go through different parts of the anal canal. Every part will feel a different sensation and all of them will be pleasing. Anal beads will enter through the outermost layer of the anus, which is obviously very sensitive. It will shrink to prevent that insertion but here the lube will play an important role. You may experience tickling sensation and that’s all you will feel when you will put the first bead into your anus. 

When you will push it a little further:

Anal beads are designed to go deeper into your anal canal. Their size increases as they go further into your anus. As anal beads go further, they pass through the second narrowing within the anal canal. It is surrounded by various strong muscles. This area is known as sphincter and stretching of sphincter muscles can cause a lot of pain, if you are not using thick and high-quality lubrication. 

As you push deeper and the tip of the plug progresses further up your rectum, it will encounter a second narrowing surrounded by strong muscles. This is called the sphincter, and this is the area that can cause the most pain or discomfort if the plug is inserted too fast. The narrowest bead will work to make its way through sphincter muscles so that larger size beads can easily pass through that area. 

Once this part is stretched, you will feel comfortable and then you would love to move anal beads in and out. Here one thing is important to know that inserting poor quality anal beads without lubrication can cause too much pain. If you see blood, you must stop there and pull all the beads out slowly. Do not let it be a painful experience because there are thicker lubes that will make it a more enjoyable experience for you. 

The moment when everything is fine and you are enjoying it:

Although some complications can occur when you do not prepare well before inserting anal beads, you will enjoy it when everything is fine. It will offer the feel of fullness and you will also experience that beads are touching all the different regions of your rectum. Men would love this phase because they will feel like beads are pushing on their prostate gland. It is a very thrilling and exciting way of simulating anal play. Push it further and apply some more pressure to enjoy the sensation of different size anal beads. 

Females would love to move anal beads in and out because it will offer the same sensation of putting a sex toy in vagina and simulating normal sex. You will introduce yourself to the extreme pleasure of anal play if you do not panic during the first play. You must keep your sphincter relaxed in order to feel comfortable. If you will not, it will be a bit uncomfortable experience. So, follow this tip and enjoy your moment with anal beads. 

Pulling beads out:

Constant backward and forward motion of anal beads will certainly cause a thrilling orgasm. Unlike butt plugs, you can easily pull anal beads out. You should be gentle during this phase because second narrowing of the anal canal, near sphincter muscles, will be stretched again. If you pull it out roughly, it may be a painful experience. You must feel relaxed if you do not want to experience the discomfort of pulling anal beads out. If you won’t, it will be a bit tough to pull out anal beads easily. 

You will know when each bead will pass through sphincter muscles. It will be a different sensation when beads will come out of your rectum. Stay relaxed and let it come out when the job is done. 

Final thoughts:

The thought of using putting anal beads into the anus may intimidate some people, but it is natural. You must get this sex toy if your partner is insisting for anal sex. Anal beads will remove the fear of anal action and then you would love to try the main act. This sex toy is for having solo fun and it is for both men and women. Get it now and use it carefully. Do not share it with anyone and you will enjoy that pleasing anal penetration. 

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