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The Aperture Blog  has a number of premium preset packs available for purchase and download.  The presets contain unique looks you can apply to your photography in Aperture. These have been created by Thomas Fitzgerald, the author of the Aperture Blog. Click on one of the links below to find out more about each preset.

Film Candy Aperture Preset Pack

Film Candy

€4 incl vat  (3.25 ex vat)

Film candy has been inspired by the trend in replicating the look of faded film digitally. Originally made popular by iPhone apps, the type of styling is now popular across all spectrums and can be seen everywhere from commercial to wedding photography. Film candy is my own take on this genre and contains a number of looks.

Click here to find out more about this preset

Vivid Extreme

€4 incl vat  (3.25 ex vat)

Vivid extreme is a set of presets designed to replicate the over-saturated sharp contrast look that is popular in some circles. Most cameras come with a vivid setting, and this pushes that effect to extremes. While it’s not for everyone and it won’t be appropriate for every image, it does create an interesting variation on the “vivid” look. This pack comes with variations designed to work with various types of images to give the best overall effect.

Click Here To Find Out More About This Preset.

Quick Lux Effect Preset for Aperture


Quick Lux

€8 incl vat (6.50 ex vat)

The idea behind Quick Lux is simple. I found myself applying the same set of adjustments to images over and over so I wanted a set of starting points that I could apply quickly that would get my images in the ball park before I took them further. And thus Quick Lux was born. Quick Lux was also designed to be inspired by various types of film rather than try to emulate a specific type of film exactly.

Learn More about the Quick Lux Preset for Aperture



Bleached Bronze

€4 incl vat  (3.25 ex vat)

The preset creates a bronze coloured bleach bypass effect that adds powerful drama and impact to an otherwise flat image. The pack contains three presets, each with variations in strength.

Click here to find out more about this preset

Film Candy 2 for Aperture

Film Candy 2

€4 incl vat  (3.25 ex vat)

This is a sequel to The Aperture Blog’s popular “Film Candy” preset. The sequel contains a range of presets. Some are an evolution of Film Candy 1 and some are completely new. This new version contains both the faded film looks, and also some new punchy presets, as well as a black and white effect and a tinted sepia monochrome look.

Click here to learn more about Film Candy 2


For information of support for the premium presets, please check out this page.

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