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Automatic Chromatic Aberration Correction in Aperture using Apple Script

Johan Elzenga sent me this great Aperture tip that he has posted on his blog. He has come up with a clever way to automatically apply Chromatic Abberation correction on import in Aperture based on the lens your image is taken with. Obviously, it’s not as good as having this feature supported by Apple out of the box, but It’s certainly a very useful technique. In his own words:

Apple Aperture has the possibility to correct chromatic aberration (color fringing), but only manually. You can make presets for all your lenses (and multiple presets for zoom lenses), but you can’t automatically apply such presets based on which lens was used. On import, you can only apply one preset for all images, so that won’t work for CA correction. I’ve found a way to do this after all. By using the power of AppleScript, you can automatically apply the correct preset upon import. Aperture reads which lens and what focal length was used, and applies the preset for that lens and focal length. The script needs to be tweaked by each user, but it’s a very simple script so even non-scripters should be able to do that.

It’s a great tip, and thanks to Johan for sharing it with the readers here at the Aperture Blog. You can find the full details over on Johan’s blog. (also, he has some pretty great images on his site too, so check out his gallery while you’re there)


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