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Introducing Landscape Gold Premium Preset for Aperture


Landscape Gold is something I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’ve had versions of it sitting in my effect list  for months, and I kept tinkering with it trying to get it just right. Finally, I’ve got it to the stage where I’m happy to release it. Basically, it does what it says on the tin, it makes your landscapes golden!

The idea was to mimic that lovely Italian or Californian light that you see in movies, and always looks so appealing, but you never get here in the northern climates where I’m from. There are three different strengths, and 4 versions for different sensor sizes (as it uses a custom brushed vignette – you don’t need to have the exact size of the version, you just pick the one nearest that is larger – so for example if you have a 16mp sensor, you would choose the 21mp version – they’re all included in the pack).

It also includes two custom neutral density effects as add ons to the main preset. These help you darken and enrich skies when used in conjunction with the look (and you can use them without the main Landscape Gold preset too – they’re separate presets included in the pack)



This was one of my own personal presets that I use on my own photography quite regularly, so I hope you like it. I’ve also returned to basics with this preset too, going back to what I did with bleached bronze , and having a single look with multiple versions. It also only costs €6

Here are a few examples of Landscape Gold in Action:

Canal Gold Frost Gold Norway-Peir-Landscape Gold Reeds-Gold River Gold


To see more examples, get more information, and to see some before and after shots, head over to the product page for full details.

[Updated to reflect Price Change]

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