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The aperture blog has been selling a number of premium presets (effects) for Aperture for a while, and they seem to have gone down quite well. I’m really happy with the feedback, and I wanted to be able to offer you a better experience when buying the presets. The old method we used to sell the downloads used e-junkie which served our purposes quite well, but it had a number of disadvantages, for both us and for the customer. So after a lot of work behind the scenes we have moved our whole store over to a brand new platform (based on Woo-commerce). The new store looks much better for a start, and is easier to scale and maintain. For you, the customer it has a few big advantages too. From now on, any presets you buy on the new store will be available from your account page, so if you loose the file, you can re-log in and download it. Unfortunately there’s no way to roll previous customers over to the new version, but you can still get your files by emailing me with your details (see the product support page)

To get to the store simply click on the shop link in the top men bar or click on the Pro Presets link in the main menu bar.

We’ve two other announcements on the preset store front too. Based on numerous requests we’re now offering a bundle of the creative presets. This contains a copy of Film Candy 1 and Film Candy 2, as well as Vivid Extreme and Bleached Bronze. For people who had previously bought one of the individual presets on the old store, we are going to offer a discount. Send me an email with your transaction ID and we’ll send you a code for the discount.

Secondly, we’re launching a brand new preset pack today called Art box. There’ll be more information about Art Box in a separate post, or head over to the product page to check it out.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You can leave a comment below or send an email to

Also, because the store is new and this is a new system, there may be some teething problems. If you encounter any issues I would really appreciate you letting me know by dropping me an email to get it sorted.

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