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Introducing “Quick Lux”, a new Premium Effect Preset Pack for Aperture

Quick Lux for Aperture

I’ve been working on a new set of presets for Aperture for quite some time now, and it’s finally ready for prime time. Unlike the other presets available here, this pack is designed to be less of a special effect and more of an every day work tool. I found myself applying the same set of adjustments to images over and over so I wanted a set of starting points that I could apply quickly that would get my images in the ball park before I took them further. And thus Quick Lux was born.

Quick Lux was designed to be inspired by various types of film rather than try to emulate a specific type of film exactly. This isn’t an attempt to be a film simulator per se, but rather uses the principles as a starting point. The preset contains three main themes. The first is inspired by transparency film, and creates a sense of contrast and vibrance that’s not too in your face but adds enough to your image to be punchy. It also adds a vignette. The second theme is of a Pro Neg type film. This also adds contrast but also brings up the shadows and down the highlights, similar to the expanded range of a typical print film. It also adds some tinting to the shadows.

The third theme is that of an expired film. This creates a faded film look with some tinting but it’s not as overpowering as that in the Film Candy series and retains much of the colour of the original. The pack also contains presets that emulate the “DRO” or Dynamic Range Enhancement found on many modern cameras. I designed it to emulate the setting of my Fuji X100, as these settings on cameras are typically lost when shooting in Raw.

Because of the amount of work that I’ve put into these and because it’s a more comprehensive set that is more for every day use rather than for special effects, than some of the others on here, Quick Lux is more expensive than the other presets but I believe you’ll get much more use out of it.

So please pay a visit to the Quick Lux for Aperture page to learn more about this premium preset for Aperture.

Here are some examples of Quick Lux in use…

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