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Using the Keyword Control Buttons In Aperture

Following on from my post the other day about sorting through my Library, I was going through the process of keywording and I realized that people may not know about the keywords control bar, because it’s off by default. There’s lots of different ways to add keywords in Aperture, but the way I prefer is via the keywords control bar, which gives you a nice set of buttons you can assign so that you can quickly add keywords with the click of a mouse, without having to type them in every time. What’s great about it too is that you can create multiple button “sets” which is very handy if you are working on a specific project or have specific themes in your photography.

As with many things in Aperture there are lots of different ways to do something, and this is just one way. I was going to do a whole long winded tutorial with screen shots and step by step instructions, then I figured I’d just do a quick screencast instead! I hope this helps! (Oh, and please forgive the audio quality – I was using the internal microphone on my iMac and there was a gale force wind blowing outside!)

Aperture Keyword Controls from Thomas Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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One Response to Using the Keyword Control Buttons In Aperture

  1. Nick January 17, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    There are indeed many ways to keyword in Aperture.

    One method I use as as follows.

    Having imported I open the Project in the Browser.

    On my second Monitor I open the Keywords HUD.

    I then select all the Images I need to add a certain Keyword and simply drag the Keyword from the HUD onto one of the selected images in the Browser. This automatically applies that Keyword to all selected images.

    I then repeat the process on other images adding extra Keywords etc.

    I find this very fast and a typical import can be Keyworded in seconds.

    Typically I will do this directly after Import as in my experience if you leave the Keywording process then it doesn`t get done!

    One advantage of doing this early is that all versions created from the Master will also retain the Keywords.

    Keywording really is worthwhile and it is a good thing to make this quick and easy process an automatic part of your workflow whatever method you choose to use.

    The process of choosing what Key Words to use is absolutely critical and can be the subject of another discussion another day!

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