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Introducing NewsPrint for Aperture, A new Preset Pack from the Aperture Blog


I’m delighted to introduce The Aperture Blog’s latest premium preset pack: “NewsPrint”

NewsPrint is a special effect pack designed to simulate, well, it’s kind of obvious, News Print! NewsPrint uses a custom brush to adds a half tone texture to your image. This creates an effect of old style news and magazine printing. There are twelve presents included with this pack. 4 Monochrome presets, to give the look of news paper, 4 Colour Presets designed to emulate the look of comic books or colour news print, and 4 aged looks, designed to simulate old news papers.…

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Quick Lux now available for Lightroom

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the Lightroom version of Quick Lux is now available. It’s taken a while to port it but it’s finally finished. Just like Film Candy it’s not exactly the same as the Aperture version as there are too many differences in both Applications. It’s a lot more comprehensive though and there’s lots of good stuff in there.…

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Apple Finally Releases Aperture X

After several years of minor point releases, Apple today have finally released the next major release of Aperture. In similar vein to recent releases of Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, Apple are calling this release Aperture X. The new version has been re-written from the ground up, and requires Mavericks to run. The company also states that then new version is heavily based on iCloud and will use Apple’s cloud services to sync and maintain your libraries across multiple Macs and iOS devices.…

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36 Hours in Paris – A New Photography e-book by yours truly!

Ok, I know this isn’t directly Aperture related, but anyway … (I actually did use Aperture while I was there for the initial sorting and cataloguing of the images)

Just before Christmas I got to spend a little time in Paris and I used that time to get some travel shots of the city. I’ve been wanting to start writing more about my travels and turn my travel photography and experiences into books, and so I thought that this was a good opportunity!…

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Photoshop CS6 Version of Get Raw

Last week I posted a workflow that I was working on for Photoshop and Aperture that used Applescript to load the matching raw file of an image you sent to Photoshop from Aperture into a new layer as a smart object. One of the limitations was that it would only work for Photoshop CC. Well, after considerable head scratching and googling along with some substantial trial and error I finally found the way around the Applescript bug that prevented it from working.…

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How to quickly find your Photo Stream Projects

If you use Aperture to manage your Photo stream photos from your iPhone, one of the things that you may find frustrating is that Aperture litters your Library with projects every time a new month comes around. When Aperture is importing Photo Stream photos, it creates a new Project every month. While you can see images in the iCloud entry under the Shared section of the Library, in order to actually do anything you need to go to the project.…

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Camera Raw Update 5.04

It’s time for another Camera Raw update. This one adds RAW support for 6 new cameras including the popular Fuji X-T1 and XE–2. Other cameras include the Nikon D3300, The Nikon 1 AW1, the Panasonic GM1 and the Pentax K3. If you have any of these cameras, you can now edit your raw files in Aperture and iPhoto.

The full list of cameras supported by Apple’s camera raw architecture is available on Apple’s Knowledge base site.…

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